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Want to be More Successful? Learn How to Quit

Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”

Sunk costs vs. opportunity costs

“Sunk cost is about the past — it’s the time or money or sweat equity you’ve put into a job or relationship or a project, and which makes quitting hard. Opportunity cost is about the future. It means that for every hour or dollar you spend on one thing, you’re giving up the opportunity to spend that hour or dollar on something else — something that might make your life better. If only you weren’t so worried about the sunk cost. If only you could …. quit.”

I am not sure why we were taught that there is honor in finishing things that are unfulfilling, toxic, and stressful as long as you don’t quit.

“Here’s the danger in being fearful of quitting. You can get stuck. Instead of focusing on what is important to you, what makes you feel happy, healthy, and free, you just focus on not quitting. You stop being strategic. You stop thinking about whether your decisions will lead you to the life you want to live.”

The power of quitting

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Laziness vs. quitting

Letting go is freedom

“Everything I ever let go of has claw marks on it.”

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